Invention is transforming new thoughts into tangible ideas. Innovation is introducing these ideas to the end-user. Innovation is channeling creativity so as to produce ideas/products that people can and wish to use. An invention is anything that is novel and potentially practically applicable; an innovation is essentially novel, practically applicable and introduced to the market.

NanoShare Srl is a Start-Up company in its very early stage of development with the mission to give a contribution for the transformation of tangible ideas in innovation.

NanoShare Srl has been financially supported by MIUR, through the funds granted by the Italian law 593/2000 for the industrial research and the related developing of new companies and industries.

The core-business of NanoShare Srl is the developing of new products and methodologies in the field of micro- and nano-technologies.

The starting of operative working is planned at the end of the first quarter of 2011.

NanoShare Srl originates from a discovery (patent PCT/IT2008/000677) in the field of carbon-based nanocomposites materials, with potential applications in the field of hydrogen storage, made by a group of scientists with international expertise in synthesis ( and characterization of advanced functional carbon-based nanomaterial.

The NanoShare team is composed of scientists from the two main universities of Rome (La Sapienza and Tor Vergata) and experts with relevant industrial experience in business planning, start-up development strategy and management.