Synthesis of films, layers and coatings: polycrystalline diamond, nanocrystalline diamond, conductive or semiconductive diamond, diamond-like

Carbon Nanotubes
Synthesis of carbon nanotubes (SWCNT and MWCNT)

Metal Nanoparticles
• Production of organized systems of metal nanoparticles (Ni, Au, Ag, etc) with well defined  sizes
• Production of films and coatings of  high dielectric constant (K) oxides
• Low volume-low weight systems assembled with nanomaterials for filtering of liquid phases, removing of heavy metals and toxins  from waters, removal of organic contaminants  by  photocatalysis
• Re-capture of noble metals (Ag, Au) from electronic components using a proprietary and environmentally  friendly methodology

Other Nanocarbons
Synthesis of nanofibres, and nanosized graphites on substrates with various geometries


Art restoration is indissolubly bound to chemicals especially for cleaning and consolidation processes. While standard chemicals efficiency is well known, their application is still limited by the fragility of artworks. Hence classical chemicals can dehydrate or irreversibly damage masterpieces. Nanoshare S.r.l. proposes innovative cleaning/consolidating agents based on Detonation Nano Diamond (DND): NARes. NARes has been tested as restoring agent for paper, papyrus and parchment. Those innovative solutions demonstrated high results in cleaning and restoration avoiding the use of organic solvents and toxic materials.


Fenton is the key oxidation process in wastewater treatmens. The limit of this process is that the iron catalyst act in homogeneous phase and is really hard to recover. Nanoshare S.r.l. propose an innovative Fenton catalyst in heterogeneous phase. The nanostructured product does not contain heavy metals or toxic agents. It can be sedimented after the reaction and reused up to 10 times without any activity loss.